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Laapaa 3 Pieces Outdoor Recliner

$ 772.89

Set of 2 Patio Rattan Waterproof Recliner Chair and a Rattan Table with Tempered Glass Desktop.

The perfect outdoor space features comfortable and stylish furniture that is both durable and adjustable. This is where the two-person adjustable chair made of HDPE with a frame made of galvanize steel enters the picture.The design is simple and streamlined, featuring a clean, modern look. Despite its minimalistic design, it doesn’t sacrifice comfort. The chair’s adjustability allows for a personalized seating experience for two people to enjoy. With its wide and deep seat, as well as the armrests and backrest, it provides the perfect spot for relaxation, conversation and taking in the view. Guests can seat comfortably in the chair for extended periods.



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