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About Laapaa

"At Laapaa, Enjoying the outdoors is not complicated."

-Jules, Co-Founder & CEO

In a world where life seems to be constantly accelerating, people often forget to take a moment to relax and reconnect with nature. This realization sparked a deep passion in Jules, a nature-loving enthusiast, to rekindle the bond between human beings and the natural world.In 2017, Jules with her friend Zoe to create outdoor furniture brand called “Laapaa.”– to inspire people to embrace the outdoors, find comfort in its embrace, and rediscover the happiness of real life.

Why Outdoor Furniture?

Jules, the visionary behind Laapaa, began her journey with a simple desire to create the perfect patio recliner. As an avid indoor recliner chair enthusiast, she cherished the versatility and comfort it offered for her various sitting need.However, her love for the outdoors and the warmth of the sun on green fieldsurged her to seek a specialized outdoor recliner chair. It became a must-haveitem, allowing her to relish the beauty of nature while facing the challenges ofunpredictable outdoor weather.

She passionately expressed her vision for the ultimate
outdoor recliner chair:

1. A chair that could be adjusted to a reclined position, offering peaceful moments of rest in the gentle breeze and natural surroundings.

2. A footstool to elevate her feet and immerse herself in books while enjoying the refreshing shade and blooming flora.

3. An adjustable backrest for maximum comfort during friendly conversations, with a small table to hold a cup of tea, making afternoon tea time with friends a delightful experience.

4. A strong desire to provide her mobility-impaired grandmother with the opportunity to enjoy sunlight outdoors, which she couldn’t experience due to the lack of suitable outdoor seating.

5. The joy of basking in sunlight at home while watching her children play in the yard.

6. The convenience of continuing to enjoy outdoor activities even after nightfall, whether it’s music, laughter, or enjoying delicious food, all from the comfort of a cozy chair.

7. A design that exudes simplicity, elegance, and visual appeal, transforming her courtyard into a charming haven for quality outdoor experiences whenever she desired.

However, her search for an outdoor recliner chair that
could truly provide all these experiences led to
disappointment. The options available in the market fell
short in various ways:

1. Many chairs were either too narrow or not long enough, lacking size choices to suit individual preferences.

2. Cumbersome installation processes took over four hours, with unclear instructions causing frustration.

3. Most outdoor chairs lacked the flexibility and adjustability found in their indoor counterparts, and the seat cushions were far from comfortable.

4. The design styles were outdated and monotonous, failing to add aesthetic value to the entire outdoor setting.

5. As outdoor furniture, they were not adequately waterproof or resistant to decay, making maintenance and cleaning a challenging task.


In 2017, Laapaa was born with a mission to revolutionize outdoor living. Their
goal was to develop an exceptional recliner chair that surpassed all existing
products. After years of relentless research and testing, they proudly
introduced a chair with unparalleled adjustability, superior cushioning, and a
sleek modern design that complements any outdoor space.
It embodies the perfect blend of indoor comfort and outdoor tranquility,
inviting people to cherish precious moments while surrounded by the beauty
of nature.
With sustainable materials and purposeful craftsmanship, Laapaa
encourages us to slow down, savor the outdoors, and appreciate the gifts of Mother Nature.

Our Design & Engineering Teams are continually developing new furniture and pushing the limits of Laapaa.

Laapaa's Uniqueness

99% Recycled

From using recycled materials to offsetting our carbon footprint, sustainability is integral to what we do.

Quality is Everything

Made from materials chosen for their beauty and durability, Laapaa products are engineered to withstand time, use, and the elements with minimal maintenance.

Stylish Leisure

We collaborate closely with European designers and international artisans to create beautiful, Stylish, comfortable outdoor spaces.

Easy Assembly

Our innovative design and user-friendly instructions ensure that setting up your outdoor furniture is quick and effortless, providing a hassle-free experience.

Weather Resistance

Our outdoor furniture is durable and reliable in all weather conditions, allowing you to create a beautiful and inviting outdoor space that lasts.


Since its inception in 2017, Laapaa Group has grown into a global brand, reaching 11 countries around the world. The company’s commitment to providing top-notch outdoor furniture has earned it the satisfaction and appreciation of numerous customers, solidifying its reputation in the industry.

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